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Students, it is so nice to be fully migrated off of Google Classroom. Welcome to our new website and front end for our Haacking Club. Please be patient as I migrate our team rules, mission, and other documents over to Word Press as this has been quite the journey. I am also expanding the guiding documents in many areas – and I expect students and parents to chime in where necessary. To clarify, here is our new workflow:

  • Nextcloud – Encrypted Talk app, file sharing, calendaring, contacts, federation, private notes
  • WordPress – Public website, meeting updates, club rules, mission, safety, major announcements, recruiting, volunteering opportunities
  • Gitlab-ce – Repository for scripts, configuration files, tutorials, and version control for our projects

Many of you are excited about the fourth year in the Cyber Patriot competition. This year we are attempting to register as a High School: Other team. Your coach, Doug Patinka, is currently beginning the registration process with CPOC. This year I will migrate to the role of meeting organizer and organization supervisor. This will be even more important when National Cyber League season begins and you will need to be in a good working relationship with Doug for the competition.

I am also pleased to announce that in addition to the working partnership with Anne Salzman at The Masters Program, I have also been in touch with Barbara Teterycz at Capital High School. As most of you are now Seniors in high school, I am hopeful that these sites and partnerships will provide a new generation of gnulinux hackers for the years ahead.

Jonathan Haack
Owner, Haack’s Networking

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