Meeting 08-17-19

The next Haacking Club meeting will be Saturday, August 17th at 10am. The meeting will be located at The New SF Baking Company on Cordova. Whoever arrives first should try to secure the large table in the corner in the front room, or the large table in the side room.

I am still working on integrating our Nextcloud Calendar with the website, so for now, parents and students should click this link. Expect a Calendar tab on the front page soon, however.

The agenda for the next meeting is:

  • Dates of competition events
  • Status on registration
  • Review of new infrastructure (Nextcloud, WordPress)
  • Projects for Year

Looking forward to seeing everyone. If you have not yet done so, please add the Nextcloud Talk app and send a message to @all so we can securely chat with each other instead of being bound to email. Also, you all have an account set up here on this new WordPress website, so message me on Nextcloud if you forgot your password.

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