Haacking Club Breaks New Ground

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Happy to report that the Haacking Club will be competing in the Cyber Patriot National Defense competition again this year, but unlike previous years, the club is now competing directly under Haack’s Networking as the sponsoring academic organization. This is the first milestone in what we hope will be many more for this academic organization, including a potential partnership with the OERu to offer these youngsters micro-credentialing.

This move and milestone is fundamental to the mission of the Haacking Club charter, i.e., to mentor young learners in gnulinux system administration. For 6 years, the club has worked largely underground, having first formed in 2013 as the Santa Fe High School Bitcoin Club, operating for two years at Mandela International Baccalaureate School as the Code Talkers hacking club, and finally under The Masters Program, in 2017. The Haacking Club thanks – without reservation – the sponsoring institutions and leaders that helped it form and let its roots dive deep into the ground of the Santa Fe, NM community.

At the same time, however, the Haacking Club recognizes that in order for it to continue to serve young learners in gnulinux hacking projects, it needs to offer its own educational content, its own cadre of meaningful competitions, CTFs, etc., and its own culture of learning and learning opportunities. Being granted the right to compete in the Air Force Association’s Cyber Patriot National Defense Competition is the first in what is hopefully many milestones of autonomy. An autonomy that will help provide future young learners the opportunity not just to hack, but to navigate the system’s professional capital with those same hacking skills. We would like to formally thank the AFA Commissioner for his/her/their approval.

As we move forward, we would like to express our keen interest and enthusiasm in exploring how to become an OERu partner, in hopes that the courses we already provide can become formal micro-credentialing options, and that we might serve as a Free gateway for learners wanting to learn outside our own paradigm. Additionally, we henceforward declare our unequivocal dedication to the concept and design and formation of a Free School, a school founded on freedom practices at the back, middle, and front ends of the educational paradigm. We actively work towards the longterm goal of the Haacking Club maturing into this institution.

We hope you all share our enthusiasm, and we welcome interested students to sign-up here, and interested adults to apply to volunteer here.

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