Cyber Patriot

The Haacking Club is deep in the details of the Cyber Patriot Youth National Defense Competition. It’s fun, but also hard to balance with school and with the student’s own hacking projects on the side.

There are two meetings coming up. The first is an extra informal meeting on the 9th, and the second meeting is an official competition day on the 16th. (Check the calendar, as we might add a meeting on the 17th and/or adjust these dates.)

This would be a great time to come and visit the club if you are an interested. We just recently welcomed a new member, and we are always accepting recruits. Next year, we will be piloting a special program for home school students in addition to continuing our offerings for public school students.

Well … just wanted to keep those of you who are aware of our community work up to date in case you swing by and visit. Oh yeah … we rotate meeting places between Baking Company and SFCC Cafeteria … these next meetings will likely be over at the SFCC Cafeteria.

If you are serious and want more information, either use the Contact form, or email for more information.

The Haacking Club

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