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Student hackers and larger community,

The founding student members of the hacking club have now all begun college or IRL, and so we have been on rest mode as of late, with one student hacker actively working on a VPS for his schoolwork as a college student at NM Tech. The other founding students are all now graduated from high school as well. The remaining founding members have all agreed to stay on as informal or formal mentors and you can reach out to them The journey was wonderful, and a big thanks to the parents for helping making the club’s efforts a success.

The hacking club is for these reasons in a period of transition. Just as we have done in the past, the hacking club is always open to any public schools, private schools, hacker/makes spaces, etc., for workshops and/or exploring other opportunities. The hacking club remains open to any student participant, ages 14-24, to explore and work on hacking projects with our team. Currently, the hacking club is working on a Discord bot, and we will keep you informed on changes there and/or just check out our repository for the latest changes.

The five years worth of competitions in Cyber Patriot National Defense Competition and the beginning level work we did with National Cyber League, CISCO, and other formal programs were invaluable. We are currently not providing in person workshops or internships, only remote. Moreover, the hacking club is a good fit for students working on projects in a self-paced and exploratory manner. Students should not reach out for partnerships for assignments, schoolwork, tutoring, etc. Membership in the hacking club is that you benefit from a GNU/Linux sysadmin and JavaScript programming veteran who, between you and the two of them, can usually get your hacking/computer/pi project to the next level. And if we fail or don’t know what to do, we will tell you! Students can expect weekly or bi-weekly commitments from instructors via Nextcloud.

If you have interest in this project and/or want to work on any others, please reach out to


Jonathan Haack

Douglas Patinka

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