About Us

The Haacking Club is sponsored and organized by Jonathan Haack. The club coach and lead technological consultant is Doug Patinka.

Jonathan: Jonathan Haack teaches math as Adjunct Faculty of mathematics at SFCC Community College and does IT work as Haack’s Networking.  Jonathan is working on his Ed.D. at UNM in Educational Leadership and serves on the board of directors for Learning Through Horses. Jonathan has a rich history with non-profit educational leadership, having formerly served on both the NMCTM and NMPMSE. Jonathan’s favorite pass time is hiking and learning with his kids, and he loves doing gnulinux hacking projects with the Haacking Club.
Curriculum Vitae

Doug: Douglas Patinka is a technologist, composer of unheard music, and the Chief Information Officer for the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. He holds an M.A. in linguistic anthropology and has been involved in the development, design, and planning of technology projects for museums and other cultural institutions since 1996. He has a fondness for cats and ginger snap cookies and routinely misses the bus.