Safe Space

The Haacking Club provides a Safe Space for its students. This includes social and emotional safety and educational safety.

Open Social and Emotional Values:

  • No discrimination for any reason, whether gender/sexual preferences, ideological or political, race/creed/ethnicity
  • Positive language and discourse, a culture of learning and thinking collaboratively with others, zero tolerance for put-downs/shaming
  • Healthy snacks and beverages during competitions to ensure physical and mental safety and space

Open Design and Learning Values:

  • Leveraging the Four Freedoms, Open Educational Resource principles, and the Five Rs (Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute, Retain)
  • Use of Free Software and Open Design at the infrastructure, design, and end user levels – front-middle-back – implementation of Free Design
  • Instructors mentor in areas of strength or expertise, modeling humility and questioning in challenging situations through project-based learning and seminar

The Haacking Club has built its Safe Space on the work of others: